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Book Review: The Nine Chambered Heart by Janice Pariat

Title– The Nine Chambered- Heart
Author– Janice Pariat
Publisher– HarperCollins
Page- 216
Genre- Contemporary Romance
Publication date- 25 Nov 2017
My ratings-4/5

Book blurb:
‘You, though, are as beautiful as light splitting through glasses.’ Nine characters recall their relationship with a young woman- the same woman they have loved, or who has loved them. We piece her together, much as we do with others in our lives, in incomplete but illuminating silvers.
Set on familiar, nameless cities, moving between east and west, The Nine Chambered Heart is a compendium of shifting perspectives that follows one woman’s life, making her dazzling real in one moment and obscuring her in the very next.
Janice Pariat’s exquisitely written new novel is about the fragile, fragmented nature of identity- how others see us only in bits and pieces and how sometimes we tend to become what others perceive us to be.

My Review:
The Nine-Chambered Heart is a kind of book that stays with you for long. A book written poetically that flows beautifully with each chapters.
9 stories that are exquisitely categorised and each narrated by different men who have loved the same woman or who she has loved at different phases of her life.

The book doesn’t talks about any names of the character or place and deals with the fact that how each person in our life comes and goes and how they just see us in bits and pieces and build up their own preferences towards us.

Narration is like zephyr but by reaching towards the end I was confused about the character of the woman. She has been described by the eyes of different men, kind of a mystery. Apparently, we know a person only as much as he/she show themselves to be and a human might seem gleeful to some while gloomy to other.

P.S.- Apart from the content; I adore the cover of the book❤️

Because life is like that, isn’t it? One cannot stop its ebb and flow. You step into the current and whatever’s in your path will cross you and touch you and sometimes stay.

Recommended for: the one’s who are more into poetic narration; it’s worth a read.

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