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Book review: Once Upon A Reunion by Nithya Sashi

Title- Once Upon A Reunion
Author- Nithya Sashi
Format- E-book
Publisher- NK & Co, Chennai.
Page- 150
Genre- Romance, Thriller.
Publication date- 2 Feb 2019
My ratings- 4.4/5

Book blurb:

Have you ever sat late into the night, missing an ex, and going over hundreds of ‘what-if’ scenarios?
Have you loved someone to the point of losing your mind?

Like most Indian women who have loved, lost, and settled for an arranged marriage, Nirmala secretly pines for her ex-lover, Suresh, even as she leads a happy, mostly peaceful life with Sreenivas, her husband.

Memories of her first love resurface occasionally, disturbing her present life.

Unable to fully love Sreenivas with the insane intensity she had felt for Suresh, she is conflicted and lives in a parallel world, always tormented by the probability of a what-if!

It is at this time that her school friends plan a high school reunion, which her ex-lover, Suresh would also be attending. Nirmala sees this as an opportunity to bring a closure to that chapter of her life. But she is torn by the uncertainty and the upheaval this might cause. She fears that her meeting with her ex-boyfriend might ruthlessly tear apart the delicate fabric of her marriage.

And at the reunion, her world turns on its head.

Suresh is found dead.

Was it suicide? If not, who was the murderer?

Nirmala is crippled by the shock. But blame quickly falls on her as the ex with a motive and before she realizes she is in the police net.

How does she manage to escape? And what effect does this have on her marriage?

Review for Once Upon a Reunion:
“…The narration is so realistic that the reader is forced to relate to the events in the narration. The latter half is so gripping that the reader is glued to the chair. Finished in one go…”

My Review:

“Once Upon A Reunion” by Nithya Sashi is a story of a 42 year old woman named Nirmala working in a IT sector, happily married and living a blissful life with her husband Sreenivas. She had a past relationship with her batchmate Suresh, whom she often ponders about and what if they would have worked out. Later she’s informed by her best friend about their college reunion that brings out turns in the story.

Narration and Characterisation- The narration is simple and elegant with fast pace. The Characters are intriguingly depicted with proper development. Though they had a tough time in their realtionship but the understanding and respect portrayed between Sreenivas and Niramala was beautiful.

I personally found the later part of the book to be more enthralling than the first half.

The plot is good with decent twist and turns yet the climax could have been better. The thriller segment was in surge and haste to get over. It could have been extended to some more pages.
But overall I had a good reading experience.
One time read is recommended.✨

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