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Book review: Witnessed by the Hills by Reecha Agarwal Goyal.

Title- Witnessed by the hills
Author- Reecha Agarwal Goyal
Format- Kindle
Page- 169
Genre- Romance, fiction
Publication date- 27 Jan 2019
My ratings- 4/5

Book blurb:

It was the debate that had pitted them against each other and it was the challenges of life that brought them together.
When Rhea, a small town shy girl comes across the boisterous college stud Anay, it leaves a bitter impact on them both. However, as time flows by, this feeling of hatred blossoms into love of a much higher intensity. There is a famous Lennon quote,” Life is what happens to you, when you are busy making other plans.” Will their love stand this test of time? Will it stay strong through all the ups and downs of this unpredictable life? Let’s find out in this timeless love saga, WITNESSED BY THE HILLS.

My Review:

“Witnessed by the hills” by Reecha Goyal Agarwal revolves around Rhea and Anay. They experienced hate at first sight but eventually fall for each other in their college days.

Later in the story their love suffer many hindrances. What were the hardships that they suffered? What really happened to Rhea and Anay? How does nostalgia hit someone’s to the core? The story reveals all of these.

Narration and Characterisation- Narration is simple with easy read. I loved the character of Anay more, he has been depicted as perfect gentleman a girl could have. He later deals with all the hardships to save his love.

I found the unnecessary expansion of the story at some points. The climax could’ve been bit better. I personally felt that Rhea dealing with her problems was extended into many pages and the later intruiging part that did gave me impulses ended very soon.

Regardless of some points, I completely felt the emotional rollercoaster that the author tried to build. Readers can easily relate to the feelings of Rhea and Anay. Overall it was short and good read and recommended to the romance lover.

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