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Book review: Typically Tanya by Taha Kehar.

Title- Typically Tanya
Author- Taha Kehar
Format- Paperback
Page- 252
Genre- YA Fiction
Publication date- 9 Sept 2018
My ratings- 4.3/5

Book blurb:
Meet Tanya Shaukat. Tanya’s got a pretty good life, working for Karachi’s Daily Image newspaper and smoking-drinking-flirting her way through minor romantic escapades. Sure, there are a few tiny problems. But, so far, she’s been handling them well enough – in fact, she’s even managed to neatly sidestep the rishtaas her mother’s match-making friends keep bringing in. Arranged marriage? No, thank you. She’d like some knee-shaking love instead. But Tanya’s carefree life quickly gets complicated after her (erstwhile) best friend Sonia’s shaadi is called off when the groom runs away with another woman – the same groom Tanya once got intimate with on a drunken night she would rather not remember. Now it’s up to Tanya to set things right. Will Tanya manage to save Sonia’s wedding? And will she finally find true love?

My Review:

“Typically Tanya” by Taha Kehar is a story of Tanya Shaukat who’s young, sassy and a fun-loving girl. She lives in Karachi and works with the Daily Image as a journalist.

She stays with her mother who’s over dramatic, loves daily soaps and her only agenda is to get her daughter married. Tania is infused with humour; despite her life issues tiny, big and sometimes huge, she handles it effortlessly with pinch of sarcasm at every phase.

Though she handles her issues very well yet the problem arises when her good friend Sonia’s groom run aways with some other girl at the wedding night . Further Sonia blames Tanya for all of it because of the Tanya’s past drunken incident with Saad( Sonia’s groom).

How she manages this whole scenario? Will she ever find a true love? The book with fun twists has answers to these.

Narration and Characterization- Narration is good, with easy yet rich language. The characters are well portrayed. Most of the characters are hilarious and relatable at some point or the other.

You’ll travel half of the Pakistan ( or atleast some parts) while reading this book. It has delineated the roads of Pakistan very precisely.

I personally felt that the story was dragged at some points and made it bit tedious for me but overall it is a light breezy read for winter evenings.

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