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Book Review: The Desi Guide To Dating by Ira Trivedi & Sachin Bhatia

Title- The Desi Guide To Dating
Author- Ira Trivedi and Sachin Bhatia
Format- Paperback
Page- 188
Genre- YA Non-Fiction
Publication date- 12 Feb 2019
My ratings- 4.2/5

Book blurb:
So, you’re ready to start dating? But do you know what dating is? Do you like a girl but can’t figure out how to ask her out? Do you have a friend who likes you but you just don’t like him back? Perhaps you’ve downloaded a dating app but are unsure about how to start a conversation? Look, we know dating ain’t easy, and for the average Indian, it seems that much harder as we’ve never been taught this stuff. Our society is unique and so are the problems we face. In an age of ghosting, cheating, blocking and ignoring, finding love is difficult but The Desi Guide to Dating is here to help you out! This book is your one-stop solution to all your dating needs. It helps you perfectly navigate the increasingly confusing world of dating with a step-by-step guide. How to ask her out, what to wear on your date, how to protect your heart, how to kiss the girl, how to fend off creeps and stalkers, and much more. Happy dating, folks! Your time has finally come.

My Review:

“The Desi Guide To Dating” by Ira Trivedi and Sachin Bhatia is a fun read and an amusing attempt to answer diverse questions scurring through the minds of the people who are thinking about dating someone.

The authors depicted the stages of dating with punches of humour and in a frolic manner that will attract the readers in umpteen ways.

The concept of the book is distinctive by the ones I have read so far.

Narration is lucid with easy read. Authors have intensely emphasised the concept of the book which is basically self help.

Personally for me it wasn’t a self help book or a book that has changed my views into modern dating things but overall it was a light, breezy and fun sunday read.

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