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Book review: Lehengey and Lafdey by Varun Tejwani

Title- Lehengey and Lafdey
Author- Varun Tejwani
Book format- Amazon eKindle
My ratings – 3.5/5

Book review:

Lehengey and Lafdey by Varun Tejwani is a book that can be categorised under fun read.
The author has outlined a big fat Indian wedding and its scenarios in this book.

The story moves forward by the depiction of each days moving to the big day of the wedding and all the chaos from shopping to the family issues.

The book with just 42 pages is a very brief read and could be easily finished within one short read. The narration is simple and pretty humorous.

I personally found this book a complete bollywood and an Indian daily soap thing and experienced reading it as a diverse reader.
This book due to its plot might not hold proper meaning to many readers but also author has put up his effort into the book and that’s appreciable.

Link to the book.