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Review: It’s Her Said The Heart by Arun Prasath Kadirvel

Title- It’s Her Said The Heart
Author- Arun Prasath Kadirvel
Genre- Fiction, romance.
My ratings- 3.3/5

“It’s Her Said The Heart” by Arun Prasath Kadirvel is a story of two young hearts Yadav and Meera. Yadav, native of Chennai falls for his cousin Meera at a social function, who lives in Hong Kong.

He tries every way possible to reach her through various social medias but gets block from everywhere. Later in the story he gets the opportunity to stay with her.

Did she fall for him too? How did Yadav approach Meera? Did they end up together?

Narration and characterization- Narration of the book is simple and lucid. There were lots of grammatical error but can be ignored. Most of the characters were well developed but some could have been improvised.

I personally found the second half of the book to be more gripping. Also, I found the book to be dragging at some points and it could have been cut down at some extent.

Thanks to the Write India Publishers for sending me the review copy.

Link to the book.

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