Short Reviews

Review: The Big Switch by John Thomas

Title- The Big Switch: It’s Never Too Late
Author- John Thomas
Genre- Fiction

My ratings – 3.6/5

“The Big Switch” by John Thomas is story of a 24 year old software engineer Keith. He has both a decent job and love of his life. But it wasn’t just enough for him. He dreams big and wanted to pursue it .

Further in the story we get to know that he looses his job and realises that he was caught up in a wrong career.

But fears and insecurities followed him, making it difficult to decide that is being 24 late enough to risk and switch into a new career!

Dive into the life of Keith to know if he made that big switch.

This book is fast paced with easy read but could have more engaging till the end.

Cover compliments the content of the book. Also, the story was predictable at many points. Overall it was a nice read.

Links to the book:



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