Short Reviews

Review: The Stalker by Sandeep Sharma

Title – The Stalker
Author – Sandeep Sharma
Genre – Crime thriller

My ratings- 4/5

“The Stalker” by Sandeep Sharma is the story of Randhir Kamat, a well know face in internet and an owner of entertainment media company is stalked by a girl named Deepali.

Later the table turns on him when the truth is unraveled.

This books holds lots of emotions in abrupt amount. The story is well gripping and thought provoking that who the stalker might be.

Was he really being stalked? Did Randhir planed a proper publicity stunt? How far can someone go to achieve his dreams and in what ways? Read this crime thriller book to unveil the truth.

Narration and characterization: Narration and writing style is simple and lucid. You can find enough twist and turn in the book. Each characters are well portrayed.

Link to the book

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