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Review: Blood and Beloved by Krimson Ravyn

Title – Blood and Beloved
Author- Krimson Ravyn
My Ratings- 4.7/5

Blood and beloved by Krimson Ravyn is a collection of 45 poetries ( gothic poetries as stated by the author).

The poetries are basically based on melancholy, misery, mania and depression and all of them are brilliantly penned sending chills down the spine. The extensive use of rich language and vocabulary might annoy some readers but that very thing added charm to my reading and writing style.

Poetry is all about complexities and tadaa Krimson maintained it with complete audacity.
I truly adore the after effect that each poem can have on someone if a person holds patience and grabs each verse well.

Highly recommend this to everyone out there who likes to read complex poetry.

Link to the book

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