Short Reviews

Review: The Unknown Victim by Sobhalisha Panda

Title- The Unknown Victim
Author- Sobhalisha Panda
My ratings- 3/5

“The Unknown Victim” by Sobhalisha Panda is a story of village boy Shlok. A native of Dhruvpur just after his birth is cursed by a unknown woman that leaves the whole village at shock.

Shlok started noticing strange incidents in his life. Later he was surrounded by depression and was sent to Delhi for his education where he meets Pragati and falls for her.

Was he able to change his destiny and escape the curse?What change does Pragati brings in Shlok’s life?

Narration and Characterisation- Narration and character development could have been bit better. There were too many printing errors that constantly annoyed me while reading. Overall a decent read with different plot.

Link to the book.

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