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Book review: “The Universe is Expanding and So am I” by Carolyn Mackler

Title- The Universe is Expanding
and So am I

Author- Carolyn Mackler
Publisher- Bloomsbury India
Format- Paperback
Pages- 288
Genre- YA Contemporary
Publication date- 6 Sept 2018

Book blurb:

Six months after Virginia decides to ignore the ‘Fat Girl Code of Conduct’ and make her relationship with Froggy Welsh the Fourth official, things are getting complicated. She’s not sure she still likes Froggy, her mum has betrayed her to the meanest girl in school, and her feelings about her brother Byron are still a mess since he was suspended from university for date rape.

But then police come to their apartment and arrest Byron. As Virginia tries to figure it all out, she meets Sebastian – a guy with his own private drama. They make a pact not to talk about their troubles, but then a terrible secret comes out that could ruin everything.

This year Carolyn Mackler will re-release her beloved coming-of-age novel The Earth, My Butt,and Other Big Round Things in a newly updated edition. Now she drops readers right back into the hilarious, haphazard life of Virginia Shreves in this long-awaited sequel! Perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell and Dumplin’.

Book review:

“The Universe is Expanding and So am I” by Carolyn Mackler is the sequel to the book ” The Earth, My Butt and Other Round Things”. I haven’t read its predecessor but undeniably didn’t face any issues while reading this book.

This was a fun and breezy read. Virginia is a delightful and fantastic teenage protoganist whose summer plans doesn’t involves eating baguettes strolling along the Seine because her parents wanted her to go on Outward Bound.

Life isn’t easy for any overweight teenager and neither was it facile for Virginia. She was always sneered because of her body. But she accepts herself in her own skin and doesn’t give much attention to people’s judgemental views.

In general, I don’t hate my body as much I used to; I’ll never be a twig but I’ve learned to embrace my curves. Most days. Okay, some days.

Well, there was also a much bigger problem; she had fallen out for her boyfriend Froggy. Also, she had some issues with her brother Byron, who was accused of date-rape back in his last college semester. Virginia remains mad at him for what he did. Later in the book we do get to know about Byron’s point of view.

The plot was somewhat predictable but the weaving of characters and remarkably humorous writing style made me reluctant to put the book down. This story is all about family, friends, love and how your own opinions about yourself matter the most. A profound portrayal of a teenager covering up some serious societal issues. I would absolutely recommend this book to uplift your own worth.

Ratings- 4.4/5

Thanks to Bloomsbury India for sending over the review copy.🌻

Link to buy book.

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