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Book review: Love in the Affluenza by Shunali Khullar Shroff

Title- Love in the Time of Affluenza
Author- Shunali Khullar Shroff
Publisher- Bloomsbury India
Format- Paperback
Pages- 296
Genre- Fiction
Publication date- 10 July 219

Ratings- 4.3/5

Book blurb:

“He never wants to touch me any longer, Natasha. It’s like he’s impotent or something.”
“That’s not impotence, that’s just what being married is like!”

Raising three beautiful children in her beautiful Bombay home with her aristocratic husband of 15 years – every bit the prince you read about in fairy tales – Natasha has it all. But when her closest friend drops the bombshell that she’s isn’t entirely fulfilled by her family and is having an affair, Natasha begins to ask some difficult questions about her own seemingly perfect life.

From the bestselling author Shunali Shroff comes a novel about being a wife, a mother and the woman you used to be before that.

Book review:

Love in the time of Affluenza is a fun , quirky and breezy read. Shunali in this book has given many peculiar perceptions and glimpses of lives of Bombay women. Hilarious and satirically written this book will turn out to be relatable to many women out there.

Natasha is a profound writer living a sumptuous life, raising three children with her husband Varun Singh, owner of an artitectural firm. But when one of her friend Trisha encloses about her affair Natasha starts questioning about her life and if she is really happy with her husband.

I found second half of the book to be much more engrossing than the initial half. The lavish and extravagant lifestyle of higher class posh families is well depicted in the book. You’ll find many insightful messages between the witty lines by the author. Grab a copy of this amusing book for a light and risible read.

Thanks to @bloomsburyindia for sending over the review copy.🌻

Link to buy book.

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