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Book Review: Here and Beyond by Rashmi Joshi.

Title- Here and Beyond
Author- Rashmi Joshi
Publisher- Bloomsbury India
Format- Paperback
Pages- 204
Genre- Self Help, Non-Fiction.
Publication date- 18 Jun 2018

Ratings- 3.9/5

Book blurb:

How do you deal with life’s challenges?
What is the secret of living a simple and happy life?
How do you strike a balance in all your relationships – whether in love, in work or in life?
When and how can universal energies work for you?
How can you learn to analyse every situation correctly?
And ultimately, how can you attain soul realisation?

The book, Here and Beyond, articulates the answers to all your existential queries, helping you to learn and evolve as a spiritual being with each step. With easy and identifiable anecdotes from life – ranging from dealing with a neighbour who calls you names to witnessing a child dying of a life threatening disease – the book offers a comprehensive understanding of life’s basic principles. The book, Here and Beyond, strives to help you secure a blissful life, free of disease and disquiet.

Book review:

Your energies should be focused on being a good defender instead of being an offender because you want to alter your nature, in order to better it.

“Here and Beyond” by Rashmi Joshi profoundly deciphers the spirituality of life. We often tend to feel worthless. Our thoughts consume us, not giving enough valour to stand up for ourselves and follow our hearts. We lose, failure strikes us every now and then. That’s life. That’s how it is supposed to be. This book apprises us to work for better us. It is all about learning and evolving into a better version of yourself.

❝Our soul system is exactly like our digestive system; whatever we injest goes through our digestive system, the unwanted is thrown out and thee nutrient are absorbed. In the soul system, the mind is the instestine, the only difference between the digestive system and the soul system is that the intestine of the soul system has to be made to work for it. It has to learn to throw out the bad and soak in the good, giving way to a healthy soul system.❞

The celestial hues in the cover look absolutely stunning. The book is divided into 3 parts giving precise explanations of respective topics. It includes some short stories that’ll help the readers to connect with the book even more meticulously. Line diagrams, charts, and tables make the contents of the book more engrossing.

Change, in any case, takes a long time to come; it takes even longer when you don’t give love.

Overall, a precisely written self-help book that anyone can read to acquire calmness. The contents of the book are definitely worthwhile.

Thanks to @bloomsburyindia for sending over the review copy.🌻

Link to buy book.

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