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Book review: Legitimacy of Power

Title- Legitimacy of Power
Author- Dilip Sinha
Publisher- Half Baked Beans
Format- Paperback
Pages- 332
Genre- Non-Fiction
Publication date- 1st Jan 2019
Ratings- 5/5

Book blurb:
The Security Council, the all-powerful UN body for maintaining world peace, remains mired in its World War II origins. The victors, the US, Russia, China, Britain, and France, continue to control it with their permanent membership and the veto. Their confrontations emasculated the Council during the Cold War and their cooperation spawned questionable military actions thereafter. The book traces the origins of international security cooperation and scrutinizes the moorings of the Security Council’s powers in international law. It critiques the permanent five’s manipulation of the Council to aggressively strengthen their global dominance and legitimise their exercise of power. Their doctrines and actions in countries like Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Libya have hindered the Council’s evolution as a responsible body which has the trust of a globalising world. This book is an essential read for practitioners and scholars to understand the Security Council and the failure to reform it.

My review:

‘The Legitimacy of Power gives perceptive insights into how the powerful UN initially came into existence.
The author has elucidated the five major powerful organs of the UN that was formed in 1945 after the failure of LEAGUE OF NATION that eventually resulted in WORLD WAR ll.

Highly informative, constructive and edifying the validities of international security in a very comprehensible language this book is for the ones who want to gain more proficiency about UNSC. The book commences with the prominence of the UNSC in International relations and how it is contemplated as a substantial organization for the worldwide alliance.

I don’t think that I disliked any part of this profound volume and I totally appreciate the author for the amount of information and research he has put into this book. If you’re a non-fiction enthusiast and wish to know more about foreign relations and international security organs then go for this book.

Also, thanks to @half_baked_beans for the copy.✨

Link to buy the book.

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