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Book Review: Oscar for Loving, Grammay for Not by Prayadeep Kaur.

Title- Oscar for Loving, Grammay for Not.
Author- Prayadeep Kaur
Publisher- Book Soul Reads
Format- Paperback
Pages- 192
Genre- Fiction
Publication date- 6 Nov 2019
Ratings- 3.5/5

Book blurb:
Sita chose to wait for her Rama for years. Radha chose not to be one of the queens of Krishna. Draupadi chose to be the wife of five. But Meera chose to be the devotee of just One. Life is ruled by our choices. And, these choices hold the ultimate reins to everything our life depends on. These choices twist everybody’s life in this story.
Udi is a force to reckon with. She is a strong and independent young woman who rules her emotions. Then Garv happens… the sweet, innocent and romantic man rocks her by the roots, and she is found treading down the paths that she had never vouched for herself. Her best friends, Rupali and Siddharth, are the only people she ever leans on. Rupali and Siddharth’s love story was a mistake from the start. Siddharth loves her with all his heart, but she has other desire, which leads her to her downfall, dragging Siddharth along.
In this gamble of self-made choices, will Udi be found struggling to control her life? Will Garv stood up and make a choice? Will their choices by worth it? Read Oscar For Loving, Grammy For Not! Delve into the lives of Udi, Garv, Siddharth and Rupali, and find an inspiration to be strong, to find love, to maintain friendship, and to find the strength to live your life again… no matter what happens!

My review:

A rom-com, woman-centric novel with clear narration. The story revolves around Udi Bose, who admires the meaning of her name. Udi is strong and puts her self-respect above all. For her success matters the most.

With fewer complex words and fair storyline, this book is about the lives of Udi-Garv and Rupali-Siddharth and their choices in life that hold the ultimate reins to everything their life depends on.

Even though I pretty much liked the narration but it could have been more lively. There were few grammatical errors that could have been easily rectified with adequate editing. Also, I wasn’t much elated with the climax. So, read it if you want a typical Indian bollywood romance and a very light read.

Link to buy the book.

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