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Book review: Ivory Gleam by Dr Priya Dolma Tamang

Title- Ivory Gleam
Editor- Dr Priya Dolma Tamang
Publisher- Virgin Leaf Books
Format- Paperback
Pages- 236
Genre- Poetry and Prose
Publication date- 22 June 2018

Book blurb:
A deluge of poetry and prose, ambiguously honouring the essence of existence from birth onto death, life and loss, self and society, romantic love and pensive longing, melancholy of regret to gratitude in healing, and the struggles of and strength in femininity. A potpourri of musings assembled with a hint of practical spirituality, to be savoured passably as an oracle of hearts to the many answers, whose questions our minds are yet to comprehend. Ivory Gleam is split into three chapters of learning, longing and loving. Each chapter is a journey traversing a different road to the ultimate destination of self-reflection.

Book review:

Life is to be soared, free of desire.

This body we celebrate

is mere vehicle on hire.

“Ivory Gleam” by Dr Priya Dolma Tamang is a collection of 200 poetries and prose divided into three sections~ learning, longing and loving. The poetries covers some profound topics of melancholy, misery, life, death, failure, dreams, memories, depression and all of them are brilliantly penned. Some of the poems did send chills down my spine while I couldn’t connect to few.

The extensive use of rich language and vocabulary might annoy some readers but that very thing added charm to my reading preference. I truly adore the after effects that these musings can have on someone if a person holds patience and grabs each verse well. I personally found that some topics weren’t justifying the sections in which they were categorised though the poem turned out to be good.

Would surely recommend this collection especially to the one’s who likes to read complex poetries and musings.

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Review: They Go To Sleep by Saugata Chakraborty

Title- They Go To Sleep
Author- Saugata Chakraborty
My ratings- 4/5

“They Go To Sleep” by Saugata Chakraborty is a mixed thriller collection of 12 short stories.
I found the book to be really thought provoking that widens one’s imaginations. Each stories holds deep emotions and readers can easily find it connecting.

Narration and characterization- Narration is lucid with easy read and was pretty fascinating to me. To understand each and every line you really need to grab the lines carefully. The characters pretty much fit abruptly into the stories.

Some of the stories inside the book- “Rare” could be termed as informative story. “Six days Seven Lives” turned out to be suspenceful though there was lack of thrills in it and could’ve been more enthralling. “The short lives of Shazia Sultana” and “The other side” really grabbed my attention till the end. Though some of the stories could have been more better and connecting yet I enjoyed the overall read.

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Review: The Unknown Victim by Sobhalisha Panda

Title- The Unknown Victim
Author- Sobhalisha Panda
My ratings- 3/5

“The Unknown Victim” by Sobhalisha Panda is a story of village boy Shlok. A native of Dhruvpur just after his birth is cursed by a unknown woman that leaves the whole village at shock.

Shlok started noticing strange incidents in his life. Later he was surrounded by depression and was sent to Delhi for his education where he meets Pragati and falls for her.

Was he able to change his destiny and escape the curse?What change does Pragati brings in Shlok’s life?

Narration and Characterisation- Narration and character development could have been bit better. There were too many printing errors that constantly annoyed me while reading. Overall a decent read with different plot.

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Review: Afterlife by Dr. Sonia Sharma

Title- Afterlife
Author – Dr. Sonia Sharma
My ratings- 3.8/5

“Afterlife” by Dr. Sonia Sharma is a story of a woman Anna who suffers from her failed marriage and forgets to live her life. Her life revolves around her daughter. Later she meets Kush, a person with same kind of past and eventually falls for him.

This books holds lots of emotions. Author has depicted the life and struggles of a single parent very well.

Narration and Characterization- Narration is simple and lucid with good character development. Though at times I found the book to be bit tedious and dragging but overall a good read.

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Review: Blood and Beloved by Krimson Ravyn

Title – Blood and Beloved
Author- Krimson Ravyn
My Ratings- 4.7/5

Blood and beloved by Krimson Ravyn is a collection of 45 poetries ( gothic poetries as stated by the author).

The poetries are basically based on melancholy, misery, mania and depression and all of them are brilliantly penned sending chills down the spine. The extensive use of rich language and vocabulary might annoy some readers but that very thing added charm to my reading and writing style.

Poetry is all about complexities and tadaa Krimson maintained it with complete audacity.
I truly adore the after effect that each poem can have on someone if a person holds patience and grabs each verse well.

Highly recommend this to everyone out there who likes to read complex poetry.

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Review: It’s Her Said The Heart by Arun Prasath Kadirvel

Title- It’s Her Said The Heart
Author- Arun Prasath Kadirvel
Genre- Fiction, romance.
My ratings- 3.3/5

“It’s Her Said The Heart” by Arun Prasath Kadirvel is a story of two young hearts Yadav and Meera. Yadav, native of Chennai falls for his cousin Meera at a social function, who lives in Hong Kong.

He tries every way possible to reach her through various social medias but gets block from everywhere. Later in the story he gets the opportunity to stay with her.

Did she fall for him too? How did Yadav approach Meera? Did they end up together?

Narration and characterization- Narration of the book is simple and lucid. There were lots of grammatical error but can be ignored. Most of the characters were well developed but some could have been improvised.

I personally found the second half of the book to be more gripping. Also, I found the book to be dragging at some points and it could have been cut down at some extent.

Thanks to the Write India Publishers for sending me the review copy.

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Review: The Stalker by Sandeep Sharma

Title – The Stalker
Author – Sandeep Sharma
Genre – Crime thriller

My ratings- 4/5

“The Stalker” by Sandeep Sharma is the story of Randhir Kamat, a well know face in internet and an owner of entertainment media company is stalked by a girl named Deepali.

Later the table turns on him when the truth is unraveled.

This books holds lots of emotions in abrupt amount. The story is well gripping and thought provoking that who the stalker might be.

Was he really being stalked? Did Randhir planed a proper publicity stunt? How far can someone go to achieve his dreams and in what ways? Read this crime thriller book to unveil the truth.

Narration and characterization: Narration and writing style is simple and lucid. You can find enough twist and turn in the book. Each characters are well portrayed.

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Review: The Big Switch by John Thomas

Title- The Big Switch: It’s Never Too Late
Author- John Thomas
Genre- Fiction

My ratings – 3.6/5

“The Big Switch” by John Thomas is story of a 24 year old software engineer Keith. He has both a decent job and love of his life. But it wasn’t just enough for him. He dreams big and wanted to pursue it .

Further in the story we get to know that he looses his job and realises that he was caught up in a wrong career.

But fears and insecurities followed him, making it difficult to decide that is being 24 late enough to risk and switch into a new career!

Dive into the life of Keith to know if he made that big switch.

This book is fast paced with easy read but could have more engaging till the end.

Cover compliments the content of the book. Also, the story was predictable at many points. Overall it was a nice read.

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Review: Tied Hearts by Vikram Singh

Title- Tied Hearts
Author- Vikram Singh
Genre- LGBT, Romance
My ratings- 3.8/5

“Tied Hearts” by Vikram Singh is an epic love story of Raj and Veer. Raj belongs to Amritsar and Veer is a graduate student pursuing his MBA. Belonging to different cultures and creed they fall in love unaware of the hurdles they need to face in their life.

After reading Simon by Becky Albertalli in LGBT genre l was sceptical about this book but this one was a good read.

Narration and Characterization: Narration is simple with easy read. Characters are well developed. At times the story seemed to quite dragging.

I feel everyone who is new to this theme or has very little knowledge of what actually goes inside the mind of a LGBTQ should definitely go for this book.

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Book review: Lehengey and Lafdey by Varun Tejwani

Title- Lehengey and Lafdey
Author- Varun Tejwani
Book format- Amazon eKindle
My ratings – 3.5/5

Book review:

Lehengey and Lafdey by Varun Tejwani is a book that can be categorised under fun read.
The author has outlined a big fat Indian wedding and its scenarios in this book.

The story moves forward by the depiction of each days moving to the big day of the wedding and all the chaos from shopping to the family issues.

The book with just 42 pages is a very brief read and could be easily finished within one short read. The narration is simple and pretty humorous.

I personally found this book a complete bollywood and an Indian daily soap thing and experienced reading it as a diverse reader.
This book due to its plot might not hold proper meaning to many readers but also author has put up his effort into the book and that’s appreciable.

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