Book reviews

Review: The Heist Artist by Vish Dhamija

Title- The Heist Artist
Author- Vish Dhamija
My ratings- 4/5

The Heist Artist by Vish Dhamija is the the story of extraordinary conman Vagh Pratap Singh who has spend and upholded his whole around thefts and smuggling illegal merchandise. In his 40s when he was ready to retire decides to accept one last offer.
The offer was the worth millions painting of Van Gogh. But this wasn’t that easy what he thought it to be.

Talking about the cover of the book. It totally justifies the content.

Narration and Characterisation- Narration of this book will keep you hooked till the end. It’s is lucid with easy language. The character of Vagh Pratap is brilliantly portrayed and other characters are well developed too.

The climax was quite predictable at some degree. While reading I found few events were easily predictable. There were even too much detailing and stretching of certain elements of the book.

Overall it was a great read with adequate amount of thrillers.

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