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Book review: The Chronicle of Golgotha Days by Sujith Balakrishnan.

Title- The Chronicle of Golgotha Days
Author- Sujith Balakrishnan
Publisher- Frog in Well
Format- Paperback
Publication date- 25 March 2019
My ratings- 3.5/5

Book blurb:

Abhaya, a sixteen-year-old girl is abducted and forced into a life of endless torment. Every day is a new hell for her, oscillating between torture and death, with a quickly dimming flicker of hope that one day she will find her way back home. But will she? What does home really mean to a fractured soul?In anguish, it appears the whole world delights in schadenfreude, while God lies in wait. In wait for what, no one knows. ***A provocative concoction of realism, mystery and myth in a dystopian tone. Throughout the reading a sense of pain carries forward till the end and it endures. A disturbing impactful debut novel – The New Indian ExpressWill leave a deep impact on the readers. The details and tone of the story are haunting.

My review :

“The Chronicle of Golgotha Days” by Sujith Balakrishnan is a heart wrenching tale of Abhaya, a 16 year old girl who was abducted and forced to live a life of eternal agony. Abhaya’s only mistake was putting her faith on a wrong person.

This book one such kind that will make torment your heart giving you goosebumps.
The book is based on true event and author has truly justified Abhaya’s aguishness and the system that eventually falls and ceases to fulfil its duty.

Narration and selection of words is good which will keep you hooked up till the end. A thought provoking book that will shudder your consciousness. At times, the book felt dragging. Overall, a good read.

Link to the book

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