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Book review: Soliloquy of a Small Town Uncivil Servant by K.K. Srivastava

Title- Soliloquy of a Small Town Uncivil Servant.
Author- K.K. Srivastava
Publisher- Rupa Publication
Format- Paperback
Pages- 208
Genre- Non-Fiction
Publication date- 20th March 2019
Ratings- 3.8/5

Book blurb:
Soliloquy of a Small-town Uncivil Servant is an attempt at a memoir that begins with the realization that the narrator has forgotten much of his past. Hence, the acute need to retrieve it. What comes to light is an arduous journey into his past—the circumstances of his birth, his growing up in a small city like Gorakhpur and his rendezvous with life outside of that inhibited milieu as he joins the civil services and moves to other places. Fact and fantasy meld as he recreates his experiences with bureaucracy and bureaucrats—his perception of them and theirs of him as an ‘outsider’—and recounts his many associations with men, women, his teachers and even strangers.

My review:

‘Soliloquy of a Small Town Uncivil Servant’ is a semi-autobiographical account of Mr Srivastava who belongs to Gorakhpur. It is a collection of author’s memoir from his childhood to adulthood, his experiences and struggles. The book shows the facts about the life in small towns and the beliefs of the people dwelling there.With engaging enacdotes and poetic narrrative style the book is raw and engaging. The use of superfluous big words towards the end became pretty tedious for me but it could be a good read for non-fiction and autobiography lovers. Overall, it was a decent read for me.

Thanks to @rupa_publications for the #gifted copy.🌻

Link to buy the book.

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