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Blog tour and Review: The Colossus of Roads by Christina Uss

Title- The Colossus of Roads

Author- Christina Uss
Publisher- Holiday House Books
Format- Ebook ( NetGalley)
Pages- 208 Genre- Middle Grade, Fiction Publication date- May 5th, 2020
Ratings- 4.8/5

Book blurb:

From the author of the acclaimed The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle comes a tale of traffic jams, secret plans, and one eleven-year-old boy’s determination to save his family’s livelihood.

Rick Rusek’s stomach has a lot to say. It’s got opinions on tasty foods, not-so-tasty foods, and driving in traffic-jammed Los Angeles makes it roil, boil, gurgle, and howl. It’s doing the best it can. It never meant to earn its owner the nickname Carsick Rick or make him change schools for fifth grade. And Rick’s stomach isn’t the only one dealing with terrible traffic. His family’s catering service, Smotch, is teetering on the verge of ruin after a rash of late deliveries and missed appointments. Fortunately, Rick has the solution. Unfortunately, no one wants to listen to a kid. Absolutely certain that he could fix the constant, endless traffic snarls, Rick hatches a plan. But he’ll need help from his unicorn-loving Girl Scout neighbor, a famous street artist, and the best driver in L.A. Together they’ll take on the stream of stalled cars–and a secret conspiracy or two, too. It’s going to be tough, but Rick won’t give up. If he can successfully move the 330,000 slow-moving cars standing in the way of his family’s future, maybe everyone will see that he’s not Carsick Rick. He’s one of the seven wonders of Los Angeles. He’s the Colossus of Roads.

My review:

Rick Rusek who lives in Los Angeles, and is obsessed with traffic and its contour. Since his parents are caterers so, they had to travel the whole city and it’s a good reason for Rick to be obsessed with traffic.

Also, Rick has motion sickness so, his parents admits him to a nearby local elementary school, so that he didn’t had ride school by vehicle.

He often observes the traffic pattern, roads and thinks out various ways by which traffic can be controlled.

It was good read with unique storyline for, almost exactly what I needed to read right now, since I’ve been dwelling myself in very intense reads lately. Link to the book:







Google Play Books:

About the Author:

Christina Uss has ridden her bicycle across the United States both lengthwise and widthwise, and has worked as an adventure tour guide in fifteen states, leading cyclists of all ages through various mountains’ majesty and all kinds of fruited plains. Even more than pedaling across state lines, Christina loves books, especially ones that remind us all that the world is wonderful, weird place. She lives in Western Massachusetts with her family and will always wave hello if she sees you out riding.

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