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Book review: The Tigress Called Machhli by Supriya Sehgal

Title- A Tigress Called Machhli
Editor- Supriya Sehgal
Publisher- Hachette India
Format- Paperback
Pages- 176
Genre- Non- Fiction
Publication date- 30 April 2019

Book blurb:

A crocodile who loves eating rice. A mule who won an award for bravery. A camera-friendly tigress who ruled Ranthambore. Swashbuckling monitor lizards. Rats believed to be the children of a goddess. Cuddly dogs who help nervous travellers. Five thousand punctual parrots… Soar, crawl, hop and scamper about with these and other intriguing creatures, along with their equally interesting human friends, as they take you on a most unusual journey across the country. Cheerfully told and charmingly illustrated, these animal stories, collected from cities, jungles, rescue missions and maybe even your neighbourhood, are funny, fascinating and downright adorable. And the best part? They’re all completely true!

Book review:

A tigress Called Machhli is a collection of 30 profound short stories of extraordinary animals. Most of them are inspired by author’s travel stories all talking about animals. Ordinary yet bizarre. You might’ve heard of few while others never known before. The book is non-fictional and highly enjoyable. Once you start reading you’ll be on the urge to know about each and every other animal mentioned in the book.

Efforts and research of the author is seen in the form of fun narration, easy read and every informative facts that she has added in the book.

Recommended for both kids and adults. Read this highly amusing and witty book to know about the crocodile who eats rice, a brave mule, vegetarian jackal, monitor lizards helping soldiers, 25,000 rats called kabbas believed to be sons of goddess, the tigress who’s known as undisputed queen of Ranthambhore and many others.

Ratings- ⭐⭐⭐⭐.8/5

Link to buy book.

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