Book reviews

Book review: Krandikle by Jeeva Christopher.

Title- Krandikle
Editor- Jeeva Christopher
Publisher- Notionpress
Pages- 292
Genre- Fiction, Suspense
Publication date- 1 Jan 2019

Ratings- 4/5

Book blurb:
Hi, I’m Mythilla. Mythilla Deshpande, Junior Reporter at India Reads. One of the leading newspapers in the country. It’s only been a week since I got this dream job and next in my checklist is to get married to Nasser, my high school love. Any other girls’ story right? Wrong… there’s more to it…
Did I tell you, I’m caught up in the middle of a gruesome murder scene and accidentally clicked at a wall that had absolutely nothing scribbled on it? But when the film from the rolling camera got developed I found two mysterious words in the photo “Ing Botu”. My search for its meaning took me to grave depths unveiling the truth behind the biggest betrayal ever done. But wait that’s not all…
There is someone stalking me, someone who is actually guiding me to find the next clue and someone who I’ve never seen or known before. I’m not sure whether he is the victim or the murderer but he has promised me that he won’t harm innocents until I abide by his rules. It all seemed to be a crime story at first… but only later did I realize that every story has another side that many might not want to know and shouldn’t as well.

Book review:

Krandikle by Jeeva Christopher is a nice amalgation of mystery, romance and suspence. I found the first part of the book to be bit slow and even the plot was difficult to understand initially but later it picked up the pace. I especially enjoyed last quarter of the book with remarkable unveiling of the mystery.

The cover doesn’t reveals much about the book though the blurb totally sounds interesting.

The book has two timelines. First, we get to know about Mythilla Deshpande for whom her family, love and job matters the most. The second timeline is about Nilinjana whose character turns the thriller part even more engrossing.

With abrupt weaving of characters this book turned out to be a great read for me. Absolutely recommend.

Link to buy book.

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